Herb Marshall

Herbert Marshall Jr, President

Herb Marshall is a retired nuclear-navy officer, and former lead field assistant for the Department of Energy, Naval Reactors (NR).  Over eleven years, he and his team oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars of major capital projects including construction, fabrication, logistics, overhaul, operations, maintenance, and vessel decommissioning and dismantlement. During his tenure, he developed a passion for understanding what cultural, organizational, and procedural practices led to the most effective oversight.

Based on his experience at NR, Herb was hired as the chief architect of the project oversight model for a billion-dollar decontamination and dismantlement of a U.S. commercial nuclear power plant.  In that role, he wrote developed and implemented the core protocols and processes, key performance indicators, reporting structure, and the project oversight specialist training and certification programs. The lessons learned from that experience were the genesis for The Project Oversight Guide and the founding of Oversight Advantage.

Herb recently completed his STEM MBA from University of Rochester, Simon Business School, and was subsequently inducted into the International Business Honor Society, Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Frank Coon

Frank Coon III, Co-founder

Frank has over 20 years’ experience overseeing major capital projects.  He has developed, planned, and managed D&D programs and projects of NRC Category 1 facilities, commercial power reactors, nuclear power ships, and navy nuclear prototypes under a myriad of contract types. He has led or participated in site evaluations and readiness assessments across these facilities as well as DOE national laboratory sites.

Frank is a trained nuclear engineer with operating experience on various reactor plants. He is also a retired fleet officer and Naval Reactors (NR) Field Assistant who oversaw some of the most complex nuclear ship and prototype repairs. In that role, Frank extended his knowledge and experience with certifications in reactor servicing, reactor plant testing, and radiological controls.  He was also responsible for outreach programs with first nations, state, and local governments. 

He worked with the President of Oversight Advantage, Herb Marshall, to develop and implement the industry best-practice contractor oversight model for the owners of a decommissioning nuclear power plant. In that role, Frank collaboratively developed oversight procedures, guides, training, and analytics, and mentored and qualified oversight managers and specialists. He also worked with executive leadership to improve decommissioning and risk management strategies.

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