Oversight Advantage: More Certainty Means More Value

For owners or sponsors of outsourced capital projects, our services and products are tailored to mitigate risk and reduce uncertainty, while improving the quality of deliverables. Unlike conventional project management approaches, we focus on project oversight versus project management, customizing a project oversight model to maximize return on investment and protect against underperforming contractors.


Risk Benefit of Oversight (RB)

RB is the value of oversight associated with the expected positive risk from owner oversight. In other words, sound oversight practices reduces project risk factors, resulting in more predicable outcomes and more project value.  

Certainty Benefit of Oversight (CB)

CB is the value of oversight associated with the expected increase in certainty of the project’s outcome. Uncertainty, often factored into a project's Management Reserve, takes into account a project's unidentified risks or unknown unknowns (unknown = unidentified, unknowns = risks). Sound oversight practices leads to earlier discovery of these risk factors, allowing owners more time to develop and implement risk-mitigation strategies.

Quality Benefit of Oversight (QB)

QB is the value of oversight associated with the expected improvement in the quality of project deliverables. Sound oversight practices leads to maximizing the value of project deliverables through oversight activities like audits, assessments, acceptance of work reviews, and change request review and estimation.


Our clients benefit from customized project oversight solutions that reduce project risk and uncertainty, resulting in higher value deliverables and more predictable project outcomes. We offer solutions in four areas critical to the success of any high-value capital project.