Oversight Program Design

Developing an effective organizational and governance model for your project can be tricky and we can help you navigate the structural pitfalls that can undermine project success from day-1.

First, owners and contractors have to establish a common understanding of the rules of engagement. Effective oversight depends on the contractor’s willingness to cooperate and accommodate any reasonable request from the owner-oversight organization. The owner-oversight organization must feel free to exercise its authority; meanwhile, the project team must feel able to execute the scope of work unfettered or unduly burdened. The key to developing effective rules of engagement is to balance these interests.

Second, the oversight organization has to be staffed we professionals who possess the technical, behavioral, and leadership skills necessary to be effective in an oversight role.

When hiring new oversight professionals, technical competency alone does not equate to a “job match.” Beyond technical competency, the selection process should also assess a candidate’s leadership and demeanor.  Both are necessary characteristics that oversight professionals must possess to exercise their oversight authority without undermining or compromising their relationship with the contractor, the owner, corporate partners, or other key stakeholders.

Lastly, performance measures, rewards, and incentives have to be crafted to reinforce critical objectives and goals. Subtly misaligned incentives can lead to unexpected behaviors.

Oversight Advantage can help design your oversight program for success.  For more information call us at +1 888 842 0573, send us an email, or schedule a video conference.

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