Who We Are

More Certainty Equals More Value

Since 2017, Oversight Advantage has been focused on bridging the gap between knowing how to run a capital project and knowing how to oversee one. We are passionate about helping owners who charter outsourced capital project get what they are paid for. Our products and services are designed to improve the certainty of realizing the expected value from these projects.

There is no textbook on the best practices for project oversight from the perspective of the owner or client. There is no shortage of literature or expertise on the art of project management and its principles, practices, processes, and techniques. However, there is almost nothing on the standards for owner oversight, even when most major capital projects exceed cost by more than 50% according to a study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Owners are disadvantaged by this asymmetric information deficit, which gives the contracted project team a built-in and inherent advantage over their clients. It is our goal to level the playing field and position our clients to maximize their return on investment while also mitigating the consequences of underperforming contractors. We see project oversight as a uniquely separate discipline from project management . Our motto is the Value of Oversight = RB + QB + CB.

• Risk Benefit of Oversight (RB) – Reduces the overall project risk profile.

• Quality Benefit of Oversight (QB) – Improves the quality of deliverables through best practices for oversight program activities such as assessments, audits, acceptance of completed work, and in-progress observations.

• Certainty Benefit (CB) – Increases certainty (i.e., predictability) of project outcomes due to a properly conducted owner oversight, as observable in four areas:

  1. Reduction in unknown-unknowns
  2. Early identification of problems
  3. Real-time advocation of owner interests
  4. Continuous performance improvement 

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