Frank Coon Endorses the POG


I wholeheartedly endorse the Project Oversight Guide (POG). 

"Project owners and seasoned project managers should read this book."

How many resources, opportunities, and money have you seen wasted in projects that are not executed well or to their potential? While no project or project management team is perfect, there are always, yes always, opportunities for avoiding critical mistakes or making marked improvements that are left on the table due to failing to identify and act on these opportunities. The Project Oversight Guide provides the fundamental building blocks for putting into place right-sized processes to identify, prioritize, and act on these opportunities. What is at stake here are the precious resources of time, money, and quality of outcomes that are needed to improve achievement in your bottom line, your reputation, and your vision for your enterprise.

Project Oversight, while related to Project Management, is an independent discipline. This relationship is similar to that of trade skills to craft supervision, engineering to engineering management, or medical professions to medical administration – knowledge of the industry, technology, and language are important, but do not assure success in management or administration of these types of projects or programs. In these cases, further education, mentoring, and experience is needed for adaptation of new skills and effective transition to new roles. The Project Oversight Guide lays the foundation and framework between Project Management and Project Oversight.

Herbert Marshall’s direct and collaborative experiences, culminated in this Guide, draw from hundreds of years of oversight experiences in the energy, construction, information technology, manufacturing, and defense industries. His unique access to these varied and related fields has created the penultimate book of knowledge in the field of project oversight.

Project owners, Program Managers, and seasoned Project Managers should read this book and consider how the subjects and methodologies introduced here can be put to effective use to deliver greater value to themselves and their customers.

Frank Coon, PMP
Senior Project Manager at BWX Technologies, Inc.

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