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Universal Publishers picked up the Project Oversight Guide (POG) for global publication. 

The POG is intended to bridge the gap between knowing how to run a project and knowing how to oversee one. Students of project management, project management professionals, and owners will gain insight into all facets of project oversight, including tools and techniques, organizational design, best practices, behaviors, and processes. The POG presents guidance and information through examples based on real situations and real lessons learned from the field.

The POG is also written as a foundational guide to be tailored and put into service by its readers. Intending to take readers on a journey, it explores the concept of oversight and the key considerations for success. It examines both the structural and cultural elements for that success and lay out the comprehensive framework for an oversight organization. Throughout the POG is embedded scenario-driven, practical examples to highlight for readers the underlined reasoning for oversight best practices.  The later chapters serve as a practical guide to the key processes oversight professionals are likely to encounter.

This book would not have been possible without the many hours spent sharing insights and developing ideas with subject matter experts who worked with the primary author of POG designing the oversight program for the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant decontamination and dismantlement. Thank you, Clifford Eubanks, Kerry Rod, Chad Samples, Robert Ramsey, and Maureen Coventry.

An enormous debt of gratitude to those who also gave detailed and constructive comments or who contributed to the technical content on one or more chapters, including David Wood for Project Controls; University of Rochester Simon Business School professor Michael Raith for Organization Design and Structure; reviewers Clifford Eubanks, Kelly Powers, and Michael Christensen; and editor Gloria Coon. They gave freely of their time to discuss nuances of the text and pushed the author to clarify concepts in easily digestible language. Their collective experience was invaluable in making the book much better than it otherwise would have been.

Look for the Project Oversight Guide by author Herbert Marshall in bookstores and on Amazon in the fall of 2021. 


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